Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve lost my password, how can I recover my account?

    If you have lost your password, use the ‘forgot password page’ to regain access to your account.

  • My account might have been compromised, what should I do?

    If you think that your account might have been compromised, change your password and contact us to make sure that no changes have been made to your account, events, or reviews. If your account has been compromised then we recommend that you ensure your email address is completely secure before continuing back as normal.

  • Will my payment details be stored after making a purchase?

    Payment details are processed securely by Stripe, one of the world’s largest and most trusted online payment services. Payments take place over a secure, encrypted connection and we do not permanently store or record your card details.

  • How do I change my account details?

    Your account details can be updated at any time from the ‘account management page’.

Event Management
  • What are featured events?

    Featured events are events that have been promoted by the event organiser for a small fee; these events appear both in a highlighted colour and a separate list above other events. This small fee allows us to keep this website free from 3rd party advertisements and keeps the focus on the networking events and organisers listed on this website.

  • How are events featured?

    Events can be featured through an option on the right side of the ‘event management page’; events can be featured for a small fee based on the number of months the event will be featured for.

  • Why does my ‘Book online URL’ need to have HTTPS at the start?

    A website with HTTPS helps to keep the details of its users secure. It provides crucial security that protects the communications between users and the website, this is vital if we’re expecting to send user to page where they plan to supply personal details in order to book online.

  • How can I create / claim more events when I’ve reached my event limit?

    By default, new accounts are limited to 5 events. This limit is removed entirely after featuring your first event which confirms your account as a genuine one.

  • I’ve found an event that I run / am involved in running but it has already been claimed, what should I do?

    We recommend firstly, using the contact organiser form to find out who is currently in possession of the event. If there is no reply from the current organiser, use the contact us form and to inform us of your current situation. Identification will then be requested from both parties to prove who the actual owner of the event in question is.

  • Can a deleted event be recovered?

    Not all events can be recovered – However if you have deleted an event by mistake recently, use the contact us form to confirm that you would like an event recovering and supply as many details as possible, these might include:

    • Event Name
    • Event Location
    • Event Type
    • Event URL (if possible)
Event Types, Towns, and Regions
  • What should I do if there is no event type that suits my event?

    If you are unable to find an event type that is appropriate for the event you are looking to post on Prompt Networking, use the contact us form and describe what your event is any why it’s different and doesn’t fit in with the existing event types.

  • What should I do if I cannot find the town / city where my event is being hosted on the town / city list?

    If you are unable to find the town, city, or village where you event is being hosted on our town / city list, use the contact us form and let us know the full address of the event you’re trying to add. We will look into your issue and let you know via email the result of our investigation.

  • Is there a way to report unconstructive reviews written to reduce the rating of my event?

    If there are any reviews that you think are written intentionally to reduce the score of your event or go against our Acceptable use policy, report them through the contact us form. When reporting reviews please be include the name of the user writing the review in question. We will look into the problem review(s) and let you know via email the result of our investigation.

  • Can I edit a review after writing one?

    You are able to change and delete reviews after writing them by going to the ‘manage reviews page’.