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Network B2B was set up to bring a fresh approach to business networking. Before we started, you had two networking options: The “What-Was-The-Point-Of-That?” Network or The “Oh-My-God-I-Need-A-Referral!” Network. We decided to create a new business network to give you a much better option.

We offer you structured but relaxed business networking, so even if you’re new to networking, you will see a return if you follow our guidance and system. We make sure there is an informal atmosphere but still use a professional approach to ensure you succeed in finding new clients. Networking with Network B2B makes it a pleasure, not a chore.


Membership secures you an exclusive place in one particular group. It is paid monthly via Direct Debit.

- Two visits before deciding to join

- One business type in each group

- Expected attendance is 3 from 4 meetings

- Company joins not the person

- Meeting fee per meeting

- Structured but informal agenda

Network B2B

Network B2B are a business networking company with events all over the UK. All of our events run on a weekly basis.

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